Aromatherapy An Old Method Used In Fresh New Way

Oklahoma City OK Dentist OfficeAromatherapy is something that has been used for many years. Essential oils used in aromatherapy were really man’s first medicines. When viewing ancient hieroglyphics and manuscripts, we have found that priests and physicians have been using oils for thousands of years. Well-preserved oils were even found in King Tut’s tomb. There were entire temples dedicated to the production and blending of the oils.

The use of essential oils in aromatherapy seems to have become a preferred method for health conscious individuals today. The positive effects are felt with very little negative side effects due to the fact that they are derived from nature. The oils are distilled from plants such as seeds, bark, stems, leaves, roots, flowers and fruits. They offer a holistic approach to health when used properly.

Progressive dental offices are seeing the benefits of essential oils as well. Towels scented with an oils such as lavender and ylang ylang, can be used around the head for inhalation for patients to help calm them if they may have any level of dental anxiety.

Diffused oils used in aromatherapy have proven to be helpful as well. When essential oils diffused into the air it comes out in a fine mist. The micro-fine particles of oils mixed with water are inhaled through the nose. Essential oils reduce the amount of airborne chemicals and create more harmony, both emotionally and physically.

The profound physiological and psychological effects of aromatherapy are what drive Royal Oak Family Dental to employ this method. Making your dental experience as peaceful, healthy and enjoyable as we possibly can is our top priority.

Posted on behalf of Royal Oak Family Dental