A Dental Implant May Be Exactly What Your Mom Wants For Mother’s Day

Oklahoma City OK Restorative DentistHave you thought about what you want to give your mom for Mother’s Day yet? Sunday, May 14th is quickly approaching. She really does want your handmade gifts. They are treasures and become memories that can be looked back on. Go ahead and make those projects that use your handprints for anything! Your mom also will want to be spoiled. We’re thinking she probably does not want something to help her prepare your food for you. While she may enjoy the convenience in the kitchen that she gets from it, something that spoils her is what she really wants.

Gifts that make her feel special, spoiled, pampered and beautiful are what she really wants. If your mom is missing a tooth in her mouth, why not consider helping her have a more confident smile for Mother’s Day. Chances are that your mom has been putting all of your family’s needs in front of her own desires, because she’s selfless like that.

Dental implants are titanium tooth roots that are designed to anchor teeth in the bone. They help maintain and preserve bone. They allow better chewing ability than removable appliances. When dental implants are placed, they offer you normal ability for maintenance of flossing and brushing.

The best thing that dental implants offer is it adds to you or your mom’s self-esteem associated with any tooth loss experienced. Call our offices at Royal Oak Family Dental. Dr. Deren Flesher wants to help you spoil your mom for Mother’s Day.

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