How DIAGNOdent® Technology Can Spot Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is at the root of virtually all dental problems. When plaque and bacteria get trapped under the gum line and multiplies over time, your chances of developing tooth decay increases rapidly. Tooth decay can cause gum disease, severe pain, and impact your ability to properly eat, smile, and talk. Aside from routine examinations, how can dentists spot tooth decay and take action before it’s too late?

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What Causes Tooth Decay?

Aside from improper and/or inconsistent brushing and flossing, tooth decay can be caused by poor diet (especially one that is heavy in sugars and starches), taking certain medications, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and untreated tooth injuries.

How Can I Detect Tooth Decay?

Once you’ve gone beyond your teeth having that fuzzy, plaque-covered feeling, you’ll likely start to develop cavities. Cavities are small sites of decay on your teeth that are virtually undetectable to the naked eye. You can tell if you have a cavity if you feel pain or sensitivity near the cavity site and experience bad breath. Your dentist can usually detect a cavity by looking closely at your teeth and my checking for any soft areas on the enamel during your examination.

DIAGNOdent® Technology

Here at Royal Oak Family Dental, we’re proud to utilize tools and techniques that are at the forefront of dental technology. We use DIAGNOdent® laser technology with our patients to quickly and accurately detect cavities even if they’re hidden under the surface. It measures the fluorescence of your tooth, and the more fluorescence it picks up, the more likely you have tooth decay.

Using DIAGNOdent® allows us to better protect your teeth and formulate a proper and individualized action plan for your oral health. DIAGNOdent® is minimally invasive and causes no discomfort, so you can feel confident and comfortable during your examination.

If you’re looking for a dental office that utilizes top-notch technology and amenities to deliver the best care possible to its patients, then look no further than Royal Oak Family Dental. We’re excited to help you and your family members have gorgeous, healthy smiles.

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