Do You Need a Deep Cleaning?

Oklahoma City OK DentistA professional “deep cleaning” refers to the process when our hygienist cleans your teeth below the gum line in areas of active gum disease.

It’s also not exactly optional in the way that deciding what method to clean your carpets with. You don’t just opt to get a deep cleaning to avoid the need for another one ever again! Rather, it helps get your smile back on track.

What’s Involved In A Deep Cleaning?
This procedure is referred to by a few other terms, such as:

  • Periodontal treatment
  • Scaling and root planing
  • Gum therapy

The point is to remove tartar and plaque deposits hiding out on tooth roots. You won’t need a deep cleaning if you don’t have pockets in your gums that are harboring unwanted bacteria.

To access those areas, our hygienist will use special tools with very small tips to slip gently below the gums. Ultrasonic instruments may also be needed to lift away tenacious tartar and break up bacterial colonies. It’s often a slow and meticulous job. A deep cleaning, therefore, takes a bit more time than routine trips to our Oklahoma City dentist usually does.

Signs You Need A Deep Cleaning
There’s no easy way to tell on your own whether you need periodontal treatment. Swollen, bleeding gums, and bad breath can be signs of an infection. But inflammation and buildup below the gum line can be hard to find without the help of an expert.

Our Oklahoma City dentist and hygienist will examine your gums closely for signs of disease. They’ll measure your bone levels and tissue attachment to check for pockets that may be in need of extra care. Even routine x-rays can reveal problems you may not have known were there.

Schedule a gum evaluation at Royal Oak Family Dental to keep your smile healthy for life.

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