Will a Toothpick Do The Trick?

Oklahoma City OK Dentist OfficeAt Royal Oak Family Dental, Dr. Flesher, DDS and our staff welcome new and innovative approaches to dental care. We proudly offer advanced dental technology to all of our patients. Technology is always evolving and the advancements allow us to accurately diagnose and treat all of your dental needs. Keeping up to date on advancements in dental technologies is one of the many benefits that we offer our patients.

Flossing is one daily habit that cannot ever be replaced or evolved into something else. We are often asked questions related to the use of toothpicks. Could a toothpick do the same job of cleaning between your teeth as dental floss? The answer is, “no!” A toothpick will only help clean interdental spaces. Its main purpose is to dislodge food that is stuck between your teeth. They can also cause damage to your teeth with excessive use.

Proper flossing will offer you many safe and effective cleaning techniques. Floss assists you in cleaning between your teeth where they come in contact with each other. Floss massages your gums and prevents the formation of plaque in and around your teeth. While there is no replacement for flossing, there are other flossing technologies that you may wish to employ to get the job done. You can use traditional floss, floss picks or oral irrigator. An oral irrigator is a dental water jet that uses a stream of pulsating water to remove plaque and food particles between your teeth.

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