Cleanings and Checkups

The best way to protect you and your family’s smile is with regular home oral care and routine checkups and cleanings. Many common oral health issues can be prevented with good oral hygiene, but even with meticulous care of your teeth, professional exams and cleanings are still needed. At Royal Oak Family Dental, we offer comprehensive checkups and cleanings for our patients to help them achieve excellent oral health.While you may brush and floss your teeth every day, it is not always enough to keep your gums and teeth healthy. Professional cleanings twice or more a year by a dental hygienist ensure that all tartar is removed in the places you cannot reach on your own. Our hygienist carefully examines your gum health and makes certain the right periodontal cleaning is used to keep your teeth and gums healthy. This can prevent gum disease, reduce cavities and even reverse gingivitis if you begin to have a gum infection.

Comprehensive Dental Exams

Another important aspect of your oral health is your annual exam. Dr. Deren Flesher will perform a thorough exam of your teeth using the latest dental technology. We utilize DIAGNOdent®, a tool that helps identify cavities that even our digital x-rays cannot detect. Dr. Flesher also uses an intraoral camera to show you on a computer screen any issues that are occurring in your mouth, keeping you informed on the state of your oral health.

Checkups are the best way to catch dental issues in the early stages before they become larger, more expensive problems. With regular checkups and cleanings at our office, we can help protect your oral health and reduce the amount of dental treatments you will need in the future. We accept most dental insurance plans that cover checkups and cleanings as part of your preventive care. If you do not have insurance, ask about our Dental Savers Plan to receive substantial savings on your checkup and cleanings, as well as discounts off dental treatments. Contact Royal Oak Family Dental today to schedule an appointment.