Most people have a dental filling procedure done at one point or another during their lifetime. Fillings are metal or composite resin that are used to repair teeth and replace missing tooth material. Most commonly, fillings are used to repair cavities where decay is removed, but they can also repair cracked or broken teeth. At Royal Oak Family Dental, we offer both amalgam and white composite fillings to repair teeth for our patients.

The filling process is a dental treatment in most cases. For cavities, the area is usually numbed before the decayed material is removed then sterilized before the filling material is placed. For repairs, the area only needs to be sterilized before the filling material can be added. Fillings can be made from amalgam (silver-colored fillings), gold or composite resins. Once the filling is in place, it is smoothed and the bite is checked for fit. The area is smoothed until the filling matches your tooth shape and bite for comfort and alignment.

White, Natural Color Dental Fillings

When it comes to filling type, gold is one of the most durable, amalgam is cost-effective and composite resins appear the most natural. Composite resin is a blend of ceramics and plastic that can be color-matched to your teeth. This creates a white, natural filling that is almost invisible. This is especially desired in front teeth that are repaired, but many people prefer white fillings on any tooth to keep their smile completely white when they talk or laugh.

When you or your child need a filling to repair a tooth, contact Royal Oak Family Dental in Oklahoma City today to schedule a consultation. We offer white, natural fillings that will blend into your smile and offer a lasting repair for your tooth. We accept many different types of dental insurance plans and have extended hours for your convenience.