Dental Bridges

Missing teeth can affect the beauty and health of your smile. You may be embarrassed to show your smile at all if you have a tooth missing in the front, impacting your self-confidence and social life. A dental bridge is an affordable dental treatment to replace missing teeth with a permanent, fixed dental appliance. At Royal Oak Family Dental, we can design a beautiful dental bridge that will give you back your complete smile and confidence.

When a tooth is missing, it can cause many issues beyond changing your appearance. Once a tooth is gone, other teeth around the gap can begin to shift, becoming crooked or misaligned. This can make them difficult to clean and lead to gum disease, decay and other issues. A dental bridge fills the gap with an artificial tooth called a pontic that helps support your existing teeth. They protect the health of your mouth while giving you a beautiful smile.

Creating a Dental Bridge

Most dental bridges are created using abutment teeth around the gap for support. The teeth on either side of the missing tooth or teeth are prepared and fitted for dental crowns. These crowns are attached to the metal bridgework that holds the pontic in place. This is a permanent device that does not need to be removed like partial dentures. It looks natural and gives both function and improved appearance for the patient.

At Royal Oak Family Dental, we offer many different options for restoring missing teeth, including dentures, dental implants and dental bridges. Determining the right one for you depends on your oral health, the tooth that needs replacement and your budget. We can help you decide whether a dental bridge is the best option for restoring your smile or if another solution would better suit your needs. Contact us today to schedule your consultation to learn more about all our restorative options for your smile.