Oral Cancer Screening

According to the American Dental Association, it is estimated that 42,000 Americans are diagnosed each year with oral or throat cancer. While no one wants to think about cancer, the best hope for survival if you do have any type of this disease is early detection. Oral cancer screening is one of the best ways to catch malignant growths in the early stages. At Royal Oak Family Dental, we perform oral cancer screenings for our patients to protect their overall health.

Oral cancer can be present with or without symptoms, which is why it is so important to have a screening when you come in for your annual checkup. While you may not have any symptoms, Dr. Flesher can carefully examine your mouth and perform a screening to detect any signs of cancer. However, if you do have any of these symptoms, you should make an immediate appointment to come in for a screening:

  • White or red patches in your mouth
  • Any sore in the mouth that doesn’t heal
  • Any pain, discomfort or difficulty swallowing or moving your tongue/jaw
  • Tenderness, numbness or pain in the mouth or lips
  • A lump, sore or rough area on the tissues in your mouth
  • Teeth that are suddenly misaligned or don’t fit together right

Identify Mouth Cancer Early

Oral cancer is serious and can jeopardize your life. The 5-year survival rate for patients with oral cancers averages 64%, but there can be improved outcomes when the cancer is caught in the early stages. With any type of cancer, catching it early is best for the victim and expands the treatment options available.

Your health is important to us at Royal Oak Family Dental. We provide comprehensive dental exams for our patients with oral cancer screening available. Our office accepts most dental plans, and we have payment options for any uncovered expenses. Contact us today to schedule your next checkup.