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Orthodontics in Oklahoma City

A straight, aligned smile is important to your appearance and to your health. If you were not born with a perfectly aligned teeth or other factors have shifted your teeth out of place, orthodontics can help you get the straight smile you deserve. While many people equate orthodontics with the traditional metal braces that have been used for decades, there are other options available.

As part of our comprehensive dental treatments at Royal Oak Family Dental, we can help you or your child get a straighter, healthier smile at our dental clinic in Oklahoma City.

Two teenage sisters standing back-to-back and smiling. The younger sister has dark blond hair, is tanned, and wears braces. The older sister is ligher blond and fairer complected. The girls are standing in front of a white background.

Invisalign® Clear Orthodontics

Woman smiling and holding an upper tray for Invisalign clear orthodontics.

You can get the straight, healthy smile you want without the need for uncomfortable metal braces thanks to Invisalign. Using a series of clear plastic aligner trays, Invisalign gently pushes teeth into their ideal positions. We can use Invisalign to straighten crooked teeth, close gaps, alleviate crowding, and even adjust mild bite issues. The treatment time is shorter, on average, compared to traditional braces, and the aligners can be removed for brief periods of time to let you continue to live a normal life. OKC dentist Dr. Flesher can provide Invisalign and Invisalign Teen® so everyone can get a beautifully straight smile.

Benefits of Invisalign

  • Clear aligners are barely noticeable
  • Smooth plastic material won’t cut cheeks or lips
  • Removable trays let you eat, drink, brush, and floss like normal
  • Shorter treatment times let you get a beautiful, healthy smile faster

Traditional Braces

Close-up of woman’s smile with traditional metal braces on her teeth.

For patients with more severe alignment or bite issues, traditional metal braces may be the best treatment option to ensure a healthy set of teeth. But don’t worry – the materials and techniques used in orthodontics today mean the treatment is more comfortable than ever before. We can even use clear or tooth-colored brackets to help your braces blend in a bit or colored brackets to complement your unique style. Either way, rest assured that your smile will look and feel great at the end of your treatment.

Cost of Braces

We have an in-house membership plan and accept CareCredit® to keep braces in your budget!

Schedule an Appointment

The cost of braces depends on a number of factors, including the type of orthodontics you get and how long your treatment lasts. When you come in for your one-on-one orthodontics appointment, Dr. Flesher will assess your needs and make a recommendation for the best braces for you. From there, we’ll go over your expected out-of-pocket expenses, as well as our flexible financial options. We will do all we can to work with your budget and give you the smile of your dreams!