With a loss of teeth, your self-confidence and health can be affected, diminishing your quality of life. With modern dentures, you can look and feel like yourself again with a complete, functional smile. Denture technology in restorative dentistry has improved over the years, giving patients a more comfortable, natural-appearing restoration for their smile. At Royal Oak Family Dental, we have beautiful, form-fitting dentures that can give you back your complete smile.

When you lose some or most of your teeth, you may have many adverse effects. Many people can become depressed or avoid social situations, embarrassed by their appearance or a change in speech. But more importantly, your health can be affected. Missing teeth can make it difficult to eat nutritional foods that you need to maintain your health. Dentures can give you back your beautiful smile, speech and chewing ability for a healthier, happier life.

Partial Dentures

Complete dentures replace both the upper and lower sets of teeth. For those that are only missing a few teeth, a partial denture can be used. This is a removable device that fits around your existing teeth and adds prosthetic teeth to complete your smile. For many, this is an affordable option compared to dental bridges or implants that have a higher price tag.

At Royal Oak Family Dental, we use high quality denture options that give you a more comfortable fit and natural appearance than many dentures used in the past. We use the latest technology to create dentures that will appear natural and give you the comfort you desire. While it does take a little time to get acquainted with wearing new dentures, after a short adjustment period, you will find yourself forgetting that you even have dentures and feel confident again to eat, speak and smile like you always have.

If you are considering replacing missing teeth or need new dentures, contact Royal Oak Family Dental today for a consultation. We are your source for excellence in restorative dentistry in Oklahoma City.