Root Canal Therapy

Have you avoided getting a painful tooth repaired because you are fearful you will need a root canal? Many people equate root canal therapy with pain; but in truth, this dental treatment is exactly what you need to stop the pain of an infected tooth. At Royal Oak Family Dental, we can care for your infected tooth with gentle root canal therapy that can relieve your pain and save your tooth from extraction.

Root canals are needed when the interior of the tooth is damaged, diseased or infected. This can be caused by trauma or decay that has burrowed into the interior of the tooth. Once the inside pulp of the tooth becomes infected, pressure on the nerves can cause severe pain and sensitivity. If the infection is not treated, it could jeopardize your tooth and your health.

Root canals are a type of endodontic treatment, a dental specialty that addresses problems in the interior of the tooth. The procedure involves opening the canal of the tooth and removing all the diseased material. The interior is then sterilized and packed with a safe material before it is resealed. A dental crown is usually needed to protect the weakened tooth from damage, but once the procedure is completed, there should be no more pain from infection.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

The reason many people think root canals are painful is due to the history of this procedure. In the past, it could take several visits to the dentist to perform a root canal. Now, with advanced techniques and technology, most root canals can be done in one visit and provide no more discomfort than filling a cavity. Root canals do not cause pain, but stop it, giving you relief when you have an infected tooth.

If you have severe tooth pain or have been told you need root canal therapy, contact Royal Oak Family Dentistry today. We have a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere with a friendly, experienced team to perform your treatment. If you have dental anxiety or fear about the procedure, we have sedation available to alleviate your stress.