Emergency Dentist in Oklahoma City, OK

A severe toothache or trauma to a tooth need immediate attention by a dental professional. At Royal Oak Family Dental, we want our patients to call us first when they need emergency dental care. We care about your oral health and comfort and can often see you the same day when you need emergency care for your smile.

While many urgent medical issues require a trip to the emergency room at the hospital, dental issues are best handled by a dentist. The ER is equipped to handle broken bones and critical health conditions but not necessarily oral problems. At Royal Oak Family Dental, we will always do our best to see you as soon as possible when you have a dental emergency. Our emergency dentist in Oklahoma City, Dr. Flesher and the rest of our dental team will help make you comfortable and relieve any pain while we care for your urgent dental need.

Urgent Dental Care

Any dental pain is a good reason to call our office. Pain is a sign something is wrong, even if you cannot see any damage or issues. A small crack in the tooth hidden from view could be causing the pain and putting your tooth at risk for infection or further damage. Sensitivity to cold or hot substances can also be a sign of decay or damage to a tooth. Even if you can live with the pain, you should not put off getting your tooth examined. A small repair now could prevent larger, more expensive dental problems in the future.

When you need emergency dentistry in the Oklahoma City area, call our friendly team at Royal Oak Family Dental. We offer emergency dental appointments, and we are open early and have evening availability. Most dental plans are accepted, and we have payment plans for your convenience. Call us the next time you or your family needs dental care the same day.

Have a Dental Emergency? Call Us Immediately!